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Meet the Team

Chad Block - Owner and Technical Director Photo Gallery




Chad is a young accomplished road racing driver who owns and operates CBRD.

CBRD, standing for Chad Block Racing Development was derived from a dream chad had to lead a team of some of the best people the industry had to offer in order to provide his clients with an amazing automobile enthusiast’s experience.

Growing up in a family office equipment business, Chad learned the values and traits that makes a company strong. With a start of sweeping the floors up through copier sales, Chad learned from his father Wayne that having Integrity will set you apart from other so called competitors.  But the biggest thing he learned from his father….. “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

This philosophy has carried throughout the company and is very evident  through every one of our employees. Everyone at CBRD has been carefully selected because of their talents and skills..

Mark Nickol - Lead Technician and Development Photo Gallery


Mark has a strong passion for automobiles. His interest started at a very young age that led him to work in automotive fields as early as he could. Mark is always studying cutting edge automotive technologies used in motorsports.  This interest regularly has him looking for ways to apply the technologies for use on the street.
Mark has worked in many corners of the automotive industry ranging from automotive detailing, to body repair, to motorsports mechanics/ chassis set-up.  Some of this work has been around Chad in his racing career, as Mark worked on many of the teams Chad drove for. 
He has recently acquired one of the great loves of his life..his first car.. a BMW E28 535is. With plans to fulfill his teenage dream of turbocharging…  Things are coming along... We are all anxiously awaiting the final product!!!
Brent Bennyhoff- Fabricator and Technician Photo Gallery






Brent is the youngest member of the CBRD team... but that makes him no less valuable. He joined us in August of 2010. Coming on board as our in-house Fabrication expert he is now allowing CBRD to advance themselves into the world of rapid development and construction of CBRD Products. Brent's skills in Tig Welding and fabrication are exceptional and blend perfectly with CBRD's desire to be 110% in each and every effort.


From custom intercooler construction, tubular manifolds, piping, to airbox enclosures and ducting... CBRD can now fully eploit the needs of any client that can walk through our doors.


Brent is also the owner of a 2005 Evolution 8 and a 1991 Talon Tsi that has produced over 700whp on CBRD's dyno and blasted down the quarter mile in the distinguished 9 second territory.



The Stik - Cleanliness Engineer Photo Gallery




The real reason why CBRD is sooo clean!  We couldn't possibly take the time to pick up after ourselves and put tools away.  This mysterious creature comes in at random times and cleans everything!  He's usually so fast, that noone has really ever seen him.  We were able to catch this one-time photograph of The Stik in action.

Some say he's eaten a 4 course meal in 1 course, and that his eye-sight is good enough to see into the future.... All we know is, he's called The Stik.

Security Officer- JT Photo Gallery


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