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CBRD Fabrication


CBRD Now offers Full Fabrication and Development Services!!





Have the desire for a custom tubular exhaust manifold or turbo kit??? Or simply an exhaust system unlike anything on the market? Well, CBRD can now facilitate those needs. In late 2010 we brought fabrication and prototyping in-house to the Speedfactory.

We offer Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Titanium TIG Welding, Mild Steel MIG welding and so forth. Allowing us to facilitate any custom fabrication needs you may offer.

We can also private label components and products for other companies- So that you as a business can concentrate on your sales and marketing knowing that CBRD will be producing identical quality products each and everytime.

Please Email [email protected] for details!!








CBRD has an assortment of in-house Fabrication equipment to help serve our fabrication needs and your own..


Here is a small list of what we have available:

Miller Inverter Portable TIG Welder (allowing us to come to you if needed)

Lincoln Precision TIG 275 Welder

Precision Tube Bead Roller 

Flat Sheet Shear

Tube Notcher

Plasma Cutter 

We can also supply Laser Cutting/Engraving, WaterJet cutting, and multiple axis cnc machining  

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