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October 18, 2008 Evolution Dyno Day! Options
CBRD Caleb
Posted: Monday, October 20, 2008 2:27:24 PM

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Joined: 8/28/2008
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First Annual CBRD Evolution Dyno Competition

Official Results
*notes class winner

Stock Appearing Class:
Black IX – 2006 Evo IX – 332.3whp/312.1wtq 644.4 total score
EvoXSI – 2003 Evo VIII – 360.4whp/385.4wtq 745.8 total score
Evolution_VI – 2006 Evo IX MR – 291.8whp/306.8wtq 598.6 total score
MJ23FE – 2006 Evo IX MR – 322.4whp/332.6wtq 655.0 total score
*kreionic – 2006 Evo IX – 427.9whp/354.3wtq 782.2 total score
Shacochis06 – 2006 Evo IX – 419.1whp/355.7wtq 774.8 total score
TURBev08 – 2004 Evo VIII – 327.1whp/306.2wtq 633.3 total score
EvoRalph – 2003 Evo VIII – 294.1whp/280.3wtq 631.2 total score
Joe C. – 2006 Evo IX – 366.9whp/362.8wtq 729.7 total score
Phenem – 2003 Evo VIII – 366.5whp/375.3wtq 741.8 total score
Robevo – 2008 Evo X GSR – 309.5whp/319.7wtq 629.2 total score

Non-Stock Appearing Class:
damstr – 2003 Evo VIII – 421.2whp/347.7wtq 768.9 total score
*Whitey4d – 2004 Evo VIII – 481.4whp/386.3wtq 867.7 total score
Goldfinger978 – 2006 Evo IX – 404.4whp/352.5wtq 756.9 total score
Crazyevo8 – 2003 Evo VIII – 472.0whp/386.9wtq 858.9 total score
Dave C. – 2006 Evo IX MR – 434.8whp/373.5wtq 808.3 total score

We couldn't have had a better day on Saturday.. the weather was perfect with temps below 60 and low humidity for most of the day. We knew big numbers were going to be laid down, and we weren't dissappointed....

Congratulations to kreionic as the SA class winner with an amazing 427.9whp and 354.3wtq on 93 octane! Also, congratulations to Whitey4d for his NSA class win with 481.4whp and 386.3wtq on 100 octane, which is an amazing amount of power!

We want to thank all of the competitors for coming and fully engaging in "The Spirit of Competition". Also, we want to thank everyone else who came to enjoy the day. We couldn't have asked for a better group of Evo enthusiasts to come visit with us!

Also, we want to thank Jarrod from Buschur Racing, Shawn from Fidanza, Jim and Brent from JMFabrications, Mike and Phil from Blouch Turbo, Lonnie from LMS, and Myles from GTWorx/Racecomp Engineering for making the trip! Also, we need to thank Buschur, Fidanza, JMFabrications, RaceComp Engineering, and Stoner Car Care products for offering the prizes for the day.

I saw cameras all over the place, so lets see those pics!
Posted: Monday, October 27, 2008 4:46:11 PM

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Location: York, PA
Nice pics!! Had a blastParty
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