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lol.got pulled over with CBRD evo X.. Options
Posted: Sunday, November 08, 2009 2:11:31 AM
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Joined: 12/23/2008
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I was up in York last night and saw a brand new blue Evo X with a small CBRD sticker in the side window. Car had a drop, very nice set of wheels, larger fmic, exhaust, aftermarket HID's..he was in front of me in York (circuit) I was on my way home and couldn't help myself to get next to him in my modified MS3. After riding next to him and giving each other looks we approached a red light and I had to get in behind him, well we slowly shifted out of first into second (i didn't think he was going to go) and he just floored it so I gave chase well after a light or so and being just into 4th I'd had enough...I start slowing down but not quickly and went right though the next light with him..as we are going through the next light I look to my left to see not so good headlights and right then the cop flicked his lights on and out into the main strip he came...

We both slammed on the brakes.. I slowed down immediately while the evo kept going...he pulled close to me wrote down my plate gave me the "follow me finger" and chased down the evo who was going through the next light ended up pulling us both over right after exiting the circuit...I have no idea what he gave the guy in the Evo X but definitely talked to him a lot more than me and I drove away with a warning...hopefully he did as well! I just thought that I'd share because I had a laugh that he has either gotten work done from you guys or bought it from there (maybe you know him personally)...needless to say I'm extremely relieved there were no tickets issued on my end...extremely lucky and dumb at the sametime!

I was drooling over the car the whole time!! Very nice...
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