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Time Attack Mitsubishi Evolution FOR SALE $52,500



 FOR SALE: $52,500 USD Call or email [email protected] for details!!


 This is the original CBRD Speedfactory Time Attack EVO 8. Built for the Redline Time Attack series (which took a drop in a participation in late 2009 on the east coast, forcing the retirement of the car) this was a major project for CBRD, Blouch Performance Turbo, and JMFabrications....


Sporting a custom Vband Manifold  and Turbocharger- all of the plumbing was built in a partnership with JMFabrications and CBRD. Everything from the Custom Garrett Core to the intercooler piping that utilizes Hargett and Wiggins clamps... it is all proprietary to this car.

The car has made a maximum of 587whp/446wtq on 93 octane with our TAK35RB Turbocharger at 27.8 psi... a fairly impressive number on our Mustang Dyno.




JRZ 3 way motorsport dampers/springs (replaced Moton 2 ways)

Quaiffe and Carbonetics Differentials

EVO IX RS Master Cylinder and lines

Hawk DTC 60/70 Compound Custom pads

JMFabrications intake manifold


Tial MV-R WG (upgraded from previous generation Tial 44mm)

CBRD Custom mounted carbon fiber rear wing and trunk (the wing is now attached to the unibody, not the trunk) 











(Previously featured in Modified Magazine April 2008 "Race Inspired")

Here is a list of participating sponsors and technical partners:

Title Sponsors and Technical Partners:

Blouch Turbo- Turbocharger development, supply, fabrication
JRZ suspensions
ADVAN/YokoHama- slicks and DOT legal tires                                               

Whiteline- bushings and rear strut bar

Development Partners:

PERRIN Performance- rear sway bar, thermal tubing, shortshift, fuel rail
GTWorx/RaceComp- Hyperco Springs and Media development
OS GIKEN Clutches



This is a dynochart on the previous 2.3 liter motor/head, with an AMS turbo kit and stock ecu on 93 octane. This is the configuration that was in the MODIFIED magazine article.

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